Nail Polish Haul! Color Club, China Glaze, Butter London, and More!

I’m just going to jump right in because I have no way to justify why I’ve bought so much nail polish this month.

108 Degrees, Undone, Secret Per-Wink-Le, Passion in the Pacific

I’m going to start with China Glaze. I found a website where China Glaze was $3 a bottle, so I figured why not. The first color I got is 108 Degrees. I really like this color, but the name is why I had to get it. Any LOST fans will understand why (hopefully). It is a hot pink with pink microglitter, and it almost has a blue shimmer to it. The second color, Undone, it a light nude. I got this because I don’t have any neutral colors, and I needed some. The third color I got is Secret Per-Wink-Le. It is a dusty blue creme, with a hint of purple. The last China Glaze color I got is Passion in the Pacifc. It is a teal with blue shimmer.

Buffy the Violet Slayer, Nothing Else Metals, Muse

These are kind of random colors, two of which I didn’t pick out. The first is Wet ‘n Wild’s Buffy the Violet Slayer, which I have an exact dupe of. It is a basic shimmery purple. The other color I didn’t pick out that my mom got me is Muse from Sinful Colors. It is apparently the “Michelle Obama” color. It is a dark grayish purple brown color, and I actually really like it. Essie’s Nothing Else Metals is the next color I got. It is the last color I needed from the Mirror Metallics collection, and I am really excited to use it based on how much I like the other colors.

Insta-This, Twiggie, Lava Lamp

The first polish I got from Color Club is Insta-This, from the Birchbox Custom Collection with Color Club. It is a cobalt blue creme. The second color I got is Twiggie. I’ve been looking for mint greens, and this looked mint green on the website, but it isn’t. It is a light green, and even though it isn’t mint, it is still pretty. The last Color Club color I got is Lava Lamp. This is a bright orange creme with a hint of red. It is so pretty, and so bright.

Teeny Bikini, Encore Pink, Purple Haze

I ordered some of the other polishes from Ulta, and had my free birthday gift from Sephora shipped to me, so I had to get some nail polish to get free shipping. The first one I got is Teeny Bikini from Sephora. This actually is a mint green, but the bottle is tiny. I have samples bigger than this. The next two I got from Ulta are Encore Pink and Purple Haze. Encore Pink is a basic light pink creme and Purple Haze is a medium shimmery purple.

Knackered, Lovely Jubbly

I was sooooo excited to get two Butter London polishes. They were BOGO free at Ulta on the 10th, so I had to some., because Butter London isn’t available in my area. Knackered is the first one I got. It is a purple and green duochrome with lots of holographic microglitters. It is absolutely beautiful. Lovely Jubbly is mostly magenta glitter, but it also has blue, red, and gold glitter. It is gorgeous. I am completely in love with Butter London now. And I adore their packaging!

Let’s Go Crazy

The last polish I got is the one I am the most excited about wearing- Deborah Lippmann’s Let’s Go Crazy. I ordered this from Birchbox because I had a $10 credit, 20% off, and free shipping. When I pulled this out of the box, I was actually freaking out. It is sooooo pretty. It is a dark purple jelly base with silver, green, orange, yellow, blue, and red glitter in it.

That’s it for my haul! If I buy more nail polish anytime soon, someone please yell at me!

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2 Responses to Nail Polish Haul! Color Club, China Glaze, Butter London, and More!

  1. whatthenail says:

    Nice haul! I bought Butter London Lovely Jubbly during the BOGO too and I love it!

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