Another Nail Polish Haul…Oops!

I was in Marshall’s the other day, and they always have great discounts on stuff, so I decided to check out the nail polish, and they had Nicole by OPI polishes for $3!

The first color I got is Brilliant Idea. It looks a lot like One Less Lonely Glitter, except it is lime green. I am really excited to use this, because I love the purple one.

The last Nicole by OPI polish that I got is Give Me a Spring Break. It is a dark plumy purple with purple-blue shimmer. I have been looking at my collection, and I don’t have as many purples as a purple lover should.

I went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond because I was near there and had $4 to spend, so of course I had to get nail polish (and flirt with the cute guy at the register!).

The first Sinful Colors’ polish I got is Under 18, which is ironic, because I probably won’t be by the time I get around to wearing it. It is a rusty red with a golden orangey shimmer in it. This is kind of what I thought that Julep’s Glenn was going to look like.

The last polish I got was Cinderella from Sinful Colors. At first, I passed by this polish because it was just a light blue. But as I looked at it again, I realized that it was light blue with pink microglitter in it.  The swatches I’ve seen of this are gorgeous, and I’m really excited to try it out because I have nothing else like this in my collection.

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2 Responses to Another Nail Polish Haul…Oops!

  1. skaytanikpolishes says:

    I loooove Marshalls! If you have a Sally’s beauty near by, today is the last day of their 50% off clearance- I picked up half the China Glaze Hunger Games collection for .75 cents each!

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