HAUL: Nail Polish & Beauty!

I haven’t done a haul in ages because I don’t have any extra money to spend, but my mom took me shopping, so I got nail polish!

The first polish I got is Essie’s Good As Gold.

This is one of the Mirror Metallics polishes. I decided the other day that I really want all of them, and this is the only one they had. I’ve been looking for a gold polish for a while, and here it is! I swatched it on a piece of paper, and it was just as streaky as the other two I have, but I’m willing to work with it.

The next two polishes I got are limited edition Maybelline Color Show Polishes.

The first color I got is Boho Gold. It is a golden copper color, with blue and green duochrome. When I swatched this, it was so transparent. I really like the two other Color Show polishes that I have, so I’m hoping it won’t take two many coats.

The other Color Show color I got is Avante Green. This is a green with a blue duochrome. It was also very transparent. When I swatched both of these I noticed that they had a lot more glitter than how it looked in the bottle.

The next color I got is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lightening. I got this because it is the first yellow polish I have (other than neon). Whenever I do nail art, I always need yellow, but never have any, so now I do.

This is Color Club’s Chelsea Girl and it is absolutely gorgeous. I saw it and I knew I needed it. It is so much brighter on than in the bottle. I’ve noticed that with Color Club, the polishes are more vibrant on than in the bottle.

The last polish I got is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength’s Save The Date. I think this is my favorite out of the polishes I got. It is a deep wine color with pink shimmer. I am in love with this polish already, and I can already see myself wearing this a ton this fall.

The last thing I got is this Neutrogena  makeup remover. Since I am going back to school soon, I’ll be wearing more makeup, and thus, taking more makeup off. I’ve been out of a good makeup remover for a while, and I had the Neutrogena makeup wipes before and liked them, so I figured I’d try this. If you have tried this, did you like it? Did it remover waterproof mascara? I put some waterproof mascara and eyeliner on my hand, and used this to remove it, and it seemed to work fairly well.

That’s it for my haul! Have a wonderful day!

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