Nail Blogger Questions!

I haven’t really done any tags or anything in a while, so I decided to do one!

1. For how long have you been a nail nerd?

Well, I’ve always really liked nail polish, and  I would be obsessed with nail polish for like a month, and then not really bother for another couple months most of my life until about December 2011. Since then I think the longest I haven’t had nail polish on is about three hours maybe.

2. How many polishes do you have in your collection?

Around 75. It doesn’t look like that much, and my parents always ask why I have so much, but it really doesn’t feel like a lot! And I tell myself that it’s okay to get more because I know that other people out there have soooo many more than I do.

3. If you, starting now, had to use polishes from only one brand, which would it be?

I’m going to have to go with Essie. I don’t have a single polish from them that I don’t absolutely love.

4. How much do you spend on nail polish and nail care in a given month?

Depends on the month and how much money I have. Anywhere from $20 to $75 if I’m feeling crazy.

5. The most expensive polish in your collection is…?

Julep polishes at $14. I’ve never gone out and bought an expensive polish. There haven’t been any that are stunning enough for me to get.

6. What are your lemmings right now?

I don’t have any. I’m fairly happy with my collection as it is. Oh wait. I really want the Essie Mirror Metallics colors that I don’t have. I have the blue and silver, and I really want the gold, purple, and bronze/rose gold ones!

7. Favorite finish?

Creme. By far. It used to be shimmer or glitter, but not anymore.

8. Least favorite finish?

…Glitter 😦 It is just way to hard to get off to be worth it when I paint my nails everyday.

9. What nail care products can’t you live without?

Top coat!! I pile it on like there’s no tomorrow!

10. What polish is on your nails right now?

Smoke and Ashes from China Glaze. I’m really into dark, autumn-y polishes right now. It’s probably just because I’m so tired of the heat and I want it to be fall so this year can go by quicker! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I want to go back to school, if only to get it over with because I ONLY HAVE ONE MORE YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL!! And then four years of college, of course. And then I can start my life. Wow. All that just by asking what polish I’m wearing! OK my rant is over, sorry to put you through that!


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