Day 20 – Water Marble (FAIL)

So I was so excited to do this, but it failed. I did it so many times, and they all turned out like crap. Here are some of my attempts:

The colors just blended together and it looked so bad. I will try it again, but after trying for an hour, I gave up. I painted my nails white, and then I just did a plain color.

Then I painted it with Sally Hansen’s Coral Reef. I LOVE this color! It is a pinky watermelony coral color. It is gorgeous. And it makes me look tan! Score!

I only needed one coat over the white. IT IS SO AMAZING!! I love this and I will buy it again once it is gone!

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2 Responses to Day 20 – Water Marble (FAIL)

  1. LACQUERLUST says:

    Sorry it didn’t work out but that Coral is bomb!!!!

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