Day 12 – Stripes


Now that it is summer, (holy crap, I’m a senior in high school now!) I can do my nails TWICE A DAY if I wanted to! I’ll probably do them everyday, or close to, until I get a job, because I can’t just sit and watch TV or a movie, I have to be doing something, and I love doing my nails while watching stuff. Anyway, on to the nails!

For this look,  I did two coats of the orange, then the blue stripes, and as if it wasn’t busy enough, I added a top coat. I used Sally Hanses’s Fired Up for the orange, Sally Hansen’s Brisk Blue for the blue, and Essie’s A Shine of the Times. I just used a small paint brush to paint on the lines. I used Brisk Blue because I knew it would be opaque, and I didn’t want to mess around with doing second coats and screwing it up.

I didn’t like this mani. I had to take it off the next day because it was distracting me so much. I don’t like blue and orange together, and the Essie color on top was, well, over the top. There was just too much going on.

Do you like orange and blue together?

P.S. I watched a video on watermarbling (I had NO idea how it was done), and I am SUPER excited to do it in a week or so!


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