HAUL: Forever 21 Nail Polish!

So I know I always say that this is the last haul for a while, but I needed to get an order up to $50 to get some percent off and free shipping at Forever 21. Honestly! So naturally, I go to the nail polish section first. I got one of the big packs of polish:

It is called the Electric Nails set, and none of the polishes come with names! I hate that, so I’m going to come up with my own names! In your face, Forever 21!

First off: Birchbox For Life! (Like the name I came up with? LOL)

This is a bright, hot pink, but not as bright as other pinks. It is a cream polish, with no shimmer. It is very slightly blue-toned, and I’m excited! It reminded me a lot of Birchbox, hence the name!

Dragon’s Breath


This orange is a normal orange with pink shimmer through it. I didn’t have any plain brighter oranges, so this was exciting!

Run Away With Me

This yellow was a muted version of what I hoped it was going to be. It was a light yellow with yellow shimmer in it. I am glad it wasn’t highlighter yellow though, because that is the only color yellows I have.

Minty Fresh Breath

This green is a lot less blue in real life, and it is a normal cream polish. This was one of the ones I was most happy about, because I really do need to beef up my green section of polishes.

The Oceanic Six

This blue is a plain cream polish, again, but I really like the color. And it actually is fairly bright.

Medusa’s Snakes

A plain purple polish, but I still love it because it’s purple. I really am a sucker for purple polishes!

Last but not least (well, maybe): Armor of Steel

A medium gray with gray shimmer. I don’t have too many grays, so this was nice, but I’m still not sure why it was in with this collection.

Overall, I am satisfied. For only about $6, this was a pretty good deal. It comes with cream and shimmer polishes which I thought was nice.

Have you tried Forever 21’s nail polishes? Do you like them?

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