New Nail Polishes!

So I was flipping through Glamour Magazine the other day and there were so many nail polish ads! I thought I’d share them with you, because I am really excited about most of them!

The first is an ad for the new Essie Summer 2012 collection! I love the colors, because they aren’t typical Essie colors. Here they are more close up:

The colors are:

Cascade Cool- Bight hot pink

All Tied Up- Bronze with flecks of gold glitter

Off The Shoulder- Creamy carnation pink

Fear or Desire-Sizzling bright Orange

Mojito Madness- In between mint and deep green

Bikini So Teeny-Periwinkle with iridescent shimmer

All of these look very unique, in Essie’s own shades and in general. I think I like Bikini So Teeny and All Tied Up.

This collection will be available in June.

The next brand is OPI and their Spiderman Collection.

I think these are already available, but I still like a few of them.

Into The Night- Deep metallic blue with a hint of purple

Call Me Gwen-Ever- Orange, but a muted tone

Your Web or Mine?- Frosty warm pink with a hint of coral

My Boyfriend Scales Walls- Super light gray

Number One Nemisis- A green gray shimmer

Just Spotted The Lizard!- A blue, green, and gold duochrome

Shatter the Scales- Dark blue and green glitter shatter coat

Next up is a new line of Maybelline polishes!

They are the new ColorShow nail polishes from Maybelline! It says that they have 30 (I won’t list them all) and I’ve looked at swatches and they seem like cool polishes. There are a few other collections of the same line:

Metallic with 4 shades

Denim with 2 shades. I’ve heard these have an interesting texture to them.

This last thing is cool, but I’m not sure if the general public can buy it (as in only salons can buy it):

They are the GelColor by OPI. The ad looks really cool, so I thought I’d share!

Have a good day xoxo!

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