Nail Polish of the Day: Set in Stones in Celeb City

I got the idea for this from MissHollyBerries and her A Cut Above and Rage post, but a silver version. I used Essie’s Set in Stones, and Sally Hansen’s Celeb City. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many compliments about a mani before! Complete strangers would come up to me and compliment my nails. One of my friends even asked if they could borrow these polishes so she could wear the look for prom!

Celeb City was actually the first polish I ever reviewed, and I still love it. It goes on great, looks great, stays on great. Set in Stones has to be one of my all time favorite polishes. Definitely my favorite “top coat”, though I use top coats as normal polishes. In the sun, this was so sparkly. If I have ever said that something was the sparklyiest  thing ever, multiply that by 1000!

The only downside to this was taking it off. I literally took half an hour to get off. I had to use nail polish remover, cuticle remover, and scrape it off for it all to come off. If you want to do this, use a bad top coat so it comes off easier! But it was well worth it.

What is your favorite “top coat” polish? What do you like to pair it with?

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One Response to Nail Polish of the Day: Set in Stones in Celeb City

  1. looks great on you!! and thanks for the mention

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