March Birchbox…..Again?

Birchbox had a giveaway on their blog. They were giving away 100 free Teen Vogue Birchboxes and I won one of them!!! I have never won anything my life (I probably have but I’m just being dramatic), so this was very exciting!

I got a few things similar to my paid April Birchbox. They are Set in Stones nail polish by Essie (so that’s my third!), a twistband, and the Annick Goutal perfume.  I didn’t really like the perfume or the twistband, but I’ll get over it.

For new things, I got a Tarte lip tint (different than my first one) and Kerastase Elixir Ultime. The Tarte lip tint is in the color Amused and I adore it! I might even wear it to prom! But it broke! The tip broke off, so I emailed Birchbox to see if they can give me a replacement.

Then the Elixir. I didn’t really notice what it did, except that I didn’t like the smell of it. The smell stayed on my hands and I hated it so much that I gave it to a friend. But it’s OK because I got the lip tint and nail polish!!

Thank you so much Birchbox for my extra Teen Vogue Birchbox!!

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