Review: Julep

So I have gotten a lot of Julep nail polishes recenty, because of the monthly Maven boxes and because of the Mystery box I got. Here are all the Julep polishes I have:

From left to right: Glenn, Mandy, Susie, Melissa, Anne, Sienna, and Oscar

The only ones I haven’t tried yet are Melissa and Sienna, but I really like all the other ones. Glenn is a very nice red color. I thought it would have had more gold in it, but it was still nice. Mandy was my first coral color and I adore this for my toes. Susie is a light mint, and I’m currently loving the pastely colors for spring! Melissa reminds me of a pearl, or those buttons. One of my friends tried this color over a purple and it looked SO cool. Anne is literally the color of my room and I love it. How could I not! Sienna is so pretty and I was very happy when I got it. It is actually like a golder version of Celeb City from Sally Hansen, my first NPOD post ever! And Oscar, named for the Academy Award statues, is gorgeous. All 0f mine have been pretty opaque so far, but I’ve heard it’s pretty hit or miss with opacity.

So those are the colors I have. I like their range of colors. They are nice! The brushes are also nice, although I have noticed some of them are different than the others. When I get my boxes, a few of the polishes have come plastic wrapped. Misshollyberries , a fellow blogger, and I were actually talking about that and we think it could be because those ones are prone to leaking… If you know for sure though, leave it down below!

I really like the packaging of these, in the tall skinny bottles. It is a lot nicer for storage purposes and they look sophisticated. However, since both the lids and the bottles are rectangular, they don’t always line up when the lid goes back on:

You might be able to tell from the picture, but the lid and bottle don’t line up. For someone like me with mild (self-diagnosed) OCD, this is a problem. Most of the time I can fix it, but two or three of mine don’t line up.

As for the price, $14 for 8ml of nail polish is pretty expensive. I would never pay for these. I am content to getting my monthly Maven boxes and the occasional Mystery Box.  In the first picture, you can see the dips in the polish, especially Mandy. I’ve only used it twice.

Final Opinion:

Good colors. Nice consistency. Nice application. Good bottles. Lovely brushes. Horrible lids. Dismal price. Underwhelming amount of polish.

Overall though, I like Julep. I would recommend becoming a Maven though, if you don’t want to pay a ton of money for these polishes.

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