HAUL: Nail Polish!!

So I have bought 10 new nail polishes in the past two weeks. I think I need to control myself!

The first one I got was from Essie’s LuxeEffects. It is the color Pure Perfection. It looks like a pearly top coat, and really like it for if you have a creamy color and you want it to be pearly.

The next one I got was also an Essie LuxeEffects polish. This one is The Shine of the Times. I traded in my Set in Stones one from my Birchbox for this one at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. This one has an almost exact dupe and it’s China Glaze’s Luxe and Lush, from the Hunger Games. That will be down below. But this one is super pretty and it is so shiny. I can’t wait to try it!

The last Essie polish I got was also in LuxeEffects. This one is As Gold As it Gets. I was looking all over for this one but it was sold out everywhere, and my mom finally found it and bought it for me. Thank you Mom! It has smaller glitter than I thought, but it’s still beautiful.

Now onto the Hunger Games! This is Riveting from China Glaze. There should be a NPOD up for all of these already, so if you want a more detailed description, look here!

Electrify from China Glaze.

Smoke and Ashes from China Glaze.

Luxe and Lush from China Glaze. This is the dupe for The Shine of the Times, except it has bigger chunks in it.

Then I got the Sally Girl scented nail polishes. This one is Coconut and it smells so good! Perfect for summer! It is light blue, but it doesn’t show up so well.

This is the Sally Girl Crape scented polish. I think it smells fake and I don’t enjoy it. A dupe for this is Zoya’s Megan. This one didn’t show up well either. It is light purple.

I finally got a magnetic nail polish! This one is from Color Club in the color Electro Midnight. I am so excited to try it out! I swatched it on a piece of paper and it looks so cool!

The swatch. So cool!

Have you tried any of these? What do you think of them? Let me know below!

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