Happy Hunger Games!

I’m finally back!! I’ve been busy, but hopefully that is over. Anyway, Happy Hunger Games!

I love the Hunger Games, so when I heard about the nail polishes, I knew I had to get at least few. And when better to wear them than to the movie itself!

I have the colors Luxe and Lush, Electrify, Harvest Moon, Riveting, Stone Cold, and Smoke and Ashes from China Glaze.

I adore all of these colors! I am so glad I bought them!

From left to right: Smoke and Ashes, Stone Cold, Harvest Moon.

I won’t do a full review of each of these because I will be doing a NPOD for each eventually, but I will give a little description.

Smoke and Ashes looks black, but when you look closer it has green, blue, and purple microglitter in it! It is honestly so pretty.

I didn’t really love Stone Cold when I got it, but it looks so good on the nails. I was very surprised to see that this polish was matte!

Harvest Moon is like a liquid penny. I think it is a good neutral color, because it’s not too dark or too light, not to plain and not too out there.

From left to right: Riveting, Electrify, Luxe and Lush

Riveting is the best Hunger Games color ever. It is bright orange (camera makes it look bad. Its amazing, trust me) with gold shimmer in it. No better way to get The Girl on Fire into a nail polish!

Electify is so pretty. It is all gold are red glitter, with a little bit more gold than red. It is so sparkly and I realized that they are Gryffindor colors!

I knew right away that I wanted Luxe and Lush. There is honestly no way to describe this (I have tried many times), so I’ll try my best. It is basically chunks of foily stuff. A very close dupe is Essie’s Shine of the Times.

Here’s the finished look! I did one color on each nail, then covered them with Luxe and Lush. I am very happy with the turn out and I love how much they represent The Hunger Games.

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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3 Responses to Happy Hunger Games!

  1. My wife would be totally jealous of you. We drove around to three or four places looking for the polish from District 12 but every single joint was out of it.

    • I live in the middle of nowhere, so when I got to the store that sells them, they only had a few colors left. I went on the Sally Beauty Supply website and ordered them there. They were like $6 and shipping, but it was a whole lot cheaper than any other place online and they always have some promotions and coupons going on. I definitely recommend it!!

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