HAUL: Julep, China Glaze, Drugstore, & Amazon

So I have a HUGE haul for you guys today. I went to Sally Beauty Supply and picked up some of the new Hunger Games nail polishes from China Glaze (!!!), and some other polishes, I ordered some stuff online, I got my Julep Maven box today, and I got a new foundation.

I’ll start with my Julep Maven box! I was so excited about this because it is basically a nail polish Birchbox. I got two polishes, Glenn and Oscar, and a cuticle oil.

This is the color Glenn. I am super excited about this polish. It looks just red, but it has pink and gold shimmer in it! The card says that it is ” Bold berry red shimmer”. I am very excited to try this on!

This is the color Oscar. Ironic, because I got it soon after the Oscars LOL! This gold is very sparkly. The card says that it is Ultra chic, multi-dimensional gold glitter”. I am also very excited to try this color out.

This is the cuticle oil I also received. I really enjoy it so far.

The card also included a very helpful tip: “I love the new glitter polish trend, but it can be a little stubborn to remove. Saturate a cotton pad with polish remover and the press the pad on the nail for a few seconds before wiping the polish off.”

I can’t wait to try that out, because I always think twice before I use glitter polishes.

Do you guys know what this is?!?!!? HUNGER GAMES NAIL POLISH!!! It is called Stone Cold. At first I didn’t really like it, but then I swatched it and oh my God. It is so pretty! Its gray with silver glitter.

What is this? Another Hunger Games nail polish? Of course! This is in Harvest Moon. It is like a melted penny with mircoglitter. I want to paint my body in this!

The next one I got is sadly not a Hunger Games polish, but is still awesome! It is called Lubu Heels (like Christian Louboutin shoes!) and I had to get it (because of the name and the color!) I don’t have anything like it. It has a black base with red glitter in it! Amazing! If only I had Louboutin heels to pair it with…

This color is STUNNING. It is basically a highlighter in a polish. There honestly no other way to describe this. It is called Celtic Sun Neon (as if you couldn’t tell it was neon).

I got this Revlon color in Valentine because the sign said it was 75% off. It wasn’t. I guess it’s a nice color though, like a classic deep red.

I got this new foundation because it was also supposed to be 75% off (it wasn’t). It is L’oreal’s True Match Super-Blendable Makeup in the shade N2 Classic Ivory. It come in warm, cool, and neutral shades, so I chose neutral because I don’t know if I’m warm or cool. I actually really like this foundation, much more then my Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 115 Ivory. It makes my skin feel nice, and is a buildable foundation.

The next few things I ordered on Amazon. They haven’t arrived yet.

The first thing I got was the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Dark Brown. I am really excited about this, because I’ve heard great things about it. I didn’t get black because I don’t really like intense black eyeliner on me, so brown is more soft and will look good blended out.

Next I got the NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone. I’ve been needing to get a base for a while, and most are high end. I found this for a good price, so I figured I’d try it out.

The last thing I bought was Maybelline’es Twilight Rays palette. I have the Sunbaked Neutrals one from them and I LOVE it, so I thought purple and blue would also look flattering on me.

I also picked up some bobby pins, because the booby pin stealing fairy has been visiting recently ;). See you guys later! ❤

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