Nail Polish of the Day: Essie in Turquoise & Caicos

Essie in Turquoise & Caicos

I am very glad I don’t do videos, because I would completely butcher the name of this LOL. Anyway, I really liked this color when I saw it in the store. It reminds me so much of the ocean, so in the middle of winter, of course I’ll buy it. I also really like the color for spring. 

As before, the color is beautiful. The polish itself, however did not thrill me. It was a very weird consistency. I would have to really slather it on for it to cover my whole nail. It wouldn’t cover some parts of my nail. It was really weird. I had tried it before, but with a base coat, and I thought that it was just slipping off the base coat, but apparently not. After three coats, it finally covered everything equally. I was disappointed in this polish. Aruba Blue was great; it went on nicely and evened out. This one also created bumps in the polish. I might be returning this polish.

Three coats of Turquoise & Caicos + One coat of top coat

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3 Responses to Nail Polish of the Day: Essie in Turquoise & Caicos

  1. megis217 says:

    ah!! i love this color! i have a similar one from Essie called “mint candy apple” its so pretty reminds of of that unmistakable Tiffany box =)

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