February Birchbox!

Sorry it took so long! I got this box probably 10 days ago, and it has been seriously the best one ever. I have watched a ton of unboxing videos, so I know what people have gotten previously, and even though this is only my second box, it is definitely my favorite.

When I signed up, I really just wanted deluxe, high-end makeup, like NARS and Chanel, which can’t be found where I live. This was mostly skincare and I was okay with that. I also got my box late because I paid after the 1st, so let this be a lesson to you: Pay for your Birchbox on time, or else you’ll get it late. 

The first thing is from dermalogica. It is a daily microfoliant. The card says “Skincare insiders swear by this genius exfoliating powder. Just add water to create a rich paste that will buff dead cells away.”

I LOVE this. It works so well and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and comfortable. The only downside is the smell. It does smell a little weird, not bad, just different. Other than that, combined with a cleanser before and a moisturizer after, your skin will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

The  sample I received was .45 oz (I want more!) and you can purchase the full 2.6oz bottle here for $50.

The next product I got was the Eye Rock Designer Liner. It is eye liner that you stick on! So cool! Here’s the description: “Stop wrestling with the liquid liner and achieve the perfect cat eye with these single-use stick-on liner strips.”

I think these are sooo cool. I don’t really like putting on eyeliner, so I don’t wear it most days, and when I do, it looks so bad. Now I can have perfect eyeliner anytime!

I received four sets, but the full size is eight sets, and can be purchased here for $13.

Next up is my favorite of the whole box: Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint. I was SO excited when I saw this in my box because I’d heard great things about this before and I was in need of a new moisturizer. “The votes are in, and this award-winning tinted moisturizer tops the list. It’s our daily shortcut to dewy, glowing skin.”

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT. There is really nothing else to say about it. Well, yeah, there is, but I really love it. I received the shade pearl and it could not match my skin better. It has little shimmers in it that makes the skin look amazing. I really like that it’s lighter than foundation, but it still make your skin look more even and beautiful.

I receive the mere .07 oz sample ( I NEED MORE!!!), but you can buy the full 1.7 oz here for $38 in five shades.

Juice Beauty’s Blemish Clearing Serum is the next sample I received. “Pesky zits are no match for this high-performing serum. Salicylic acid purges pores, while organic botanicals purify skin.”

You can use this product all over your face, or just on problem spots, which is what I do. I really like this. When I first got it, I had a few zits, used it everyday, and they were all gone very soon afterward. I use the exfoliator, this, and than the moisturizer, and oh my God. I have never had better skin!

I got a .17 oz sample, but you can buy the full 2 oz here for $29.

The last thing I got, which I haven’t tried yet, is Supersmile’s Powdered Mouthrinse. “Just add water to this powder-filled pouch to create an on-the-go refreshing mouthwash that will sweeten your breath and naturally whiten your teeth.”

This is a really cool concept and I can’t wait to try it out!

I got to full size packets, and you can buy 24 of them here for $16.

That is all I got in my Birchbox this month! If you don’t know what Birchbox is, check it out here. Also, I found a new thing like Birchbox, called  Julep Maven. You get over $40 worth of nail supplies for $19.99 a month and you can skip months if you want. I learned about it from fellow blogger Amanda, who heard about it from Natalie. They got a coupon code for a $1 dollar box!!

Here is the code: “SHAREONFEB” and here is the link to sign up: http://julep.com/?r=19327747

You can cancel after the first month, but I recommend trying it out. It looks really cool and for just a dollar, why not? I ordered mine yesterday, so I’ll let you know when I get it!

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