Nail Polish of the Day: Nicole by OPI in One Less Lonely Glitter

Nicole by OPI’s One Less Lonely Glitter, part of the Justin Beiber polishes

I know, I know, you are probably thinking, Why would anyone buy Justin Beiber nail polish?!?! I totally agree with that statement and in my defense I didn’t know it was Justin Beiber until after I got home with it. This picture does it no justice, because it doesn’t even show how sparkly it is. It is literally like unicorn poop, and coming from the sparkle queen here, that’s impressive. There are two or three different sized glitters and they are so pretty!!

(Horrible picture, sorry)

Where to begin, LOL! This is honestly one of my all time favorite polishes. It is just so sparkley! However, as with all sparkle polishes, it is a pain to get off. This one chips fairly easily, so it easy to pick off chunks without having to use nail polish remover. Picking it off probably isn’t too good for the nails, so just a word of caution.

These retail for about $8 at Walmart and other stores of the type.

Three coats of One Less Lonely Glitter + one coat of top coat

Bonus Picture!!!

I went out to dinner with my dad and the lighting the restaurant made then sparkle soooo much, so I thought I’d share :).


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