Nail Polish of the Day: Sally Girl Discovery


Since I haven’t had that much time this week to post, I figured I’d do one really big one and see how many others I can get done. So I did this crazy look, using old polishes I found at my house. The brand is Sally Girl, and they come in these cute little bottles.


On my thumb was just a red color. It is called Fire! Fire! and I really like this color. It is just a classic red, but really how can you go wrong with red?


This next color, Dreamy, is a magenta color with almost blue flecks in it.


Glam was the next color I used. It was a pink with gold sparkles. I really liked this, especially for a pink (I don’t really like pink on my nails).


U Betcha was the second to last color I used.  It was just a very pretty pinky-purpley color with some glitter in it.
The final color I used was It’s So Me! It was a purple polish with bluey and yellow glitter.


Fire! Fire!, Dreamy, Glam, U Betcha, It’s So Me!


The final look one more time:


These retail for about $1 each (I think, I haven’t seen them in a while).

Two coats of color on each nail + one coat of top coat

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One Response to Nail Polish of the Day: Sally Girl Discovery

  1. I like this web blog it’s a master piece! Glad I noticed this on google.

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