Nail Polish of the Day: Zoya Megan

Zoya’s Megan, part of Zoya’s new Feel collection for winter.


Normally, I don’t go for light pastels, especially in the winter, but when I received this in my January Birchbox, I really liked it. It is a light taupe gray color, according to the website, but I also think it looks purple in some lighting.


I really loved the way this polish went on, stayed on, and came off. Even though it took two coats for Megan to be completely opaque, I could have gotten away with just one. After I put it on, it stayed on for almost a week, which is unusual for me because I change polishes so often. I’ve heard that you should reapply top coat every two days for a mani to last, but this lasted with one application of top coat. It also came off beautifully. Some polished stain the skin around the nail when they come off, but Megan didn’t. Overall, the polish itself and the color were great. Nice work Zoya!


These retail for $8. You can look up your closest retailer here.

Two coats of Zoya’s Megan + One coat of top coat

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